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Princess Cake and Cookie for SMBC?

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I plan on attempting SMBC for the first time tomorrow to put on chocolate cupcakes. I have a bottle of Princess Cake and Cookie and I've never used it. It smells amazing, but I don't know what flavor it will give off. So, my questions are:

1. Is the Princess Cake and Cookie a good flavoring for SMBC?

2. Does it pair well with chocolate cake?

3. If PC&C is NOT a good flavoring or a good pair with chocolate cake, what would be? Should I just stick with vanilla?

I'm just making these for friends, so I'm not trying to please a customer or anything, but since I'm trying SMBC for the first time, I want the impression to be as good as possible.

Thanks so much!
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I've never used this stuff, but I just read a post on here about someone having a "soapy" flavor in her product...she had used the princess emulsion.

If you really want to use it, I'd test it first, just to be on the safe side.
Fall down 7 times....get up 8
Fall down 7 times....get up 8
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Don't use it with a chocolate cake since it's mostly citrus. I wouldn't use it in your BC either. I haven't had good results with emulsions in buttercreams period. And it's artificial which is kind of gross in that kind of BC. I would use a couple of tablespoons of vanilla and even a chocolate liqueur if you have one. Creme de cacao or something like that. You can get the mini bottles at the liquor store.
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I agree that it wouldn't go well with a chocolate cake. Definitely to much citrus flavor for chocolate but it would probably go fine with a vanilla cake. I've used some Bailey's irish cream liquor in my American buttercream to put on a chocolate cake and it was really good. Kahlua would probably be good too.
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Is the Princess flavoring similar to Creme Bouquet?
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