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Oil Based White Cake Recipe Needed (Scratch)

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Hi folks! Can anyone suggest a scratch white cake recipe that is oil based (versus butter)? I've tried looking on here but most of the recipes seem to start from a box mix. No knock to those who prefer to start with a mix but I prefer scratch so I'd like to find a scratch recipe. icon_surprised.gif) The cake needs to be able to hold up as a tier on a stacked cake as well as be covered with fondant. The reason I'm looking for an oil based cake is that I want it to 'seem' more moist shortly out of the refrigerator (and butter cakes 'seem' more dry until they come to room temp). In my case, the fillings need to be refrigerated so it will have to be served relatively soon after coming out of the fridge. Thanks in advance!! icon_smile.gif
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I think you'll be hard pressed to find an all oil white cake recipe. White cake is relatively bland in the first place and if you make it with oil, it will be even more bland. Also, if you use all oil, the crumb might not be able to support the weight of fondant on it without being compressed, depending on how thick you roll the fondant (like a chiffon cake).

I would try taking a butter white cake recipe and replacing two tablespoons of the butter with oil (make sure to cream the butter very well for maximum aeration). You might reach a happy medium that way. Keep in mind oil is 100% fat while butter is 83%, so replacing any more might adversely affect the chemistry of the cake.
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Hi, read this blog. She is a member here. I haven,t tried it, but will soon. hth
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