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Any feedback on these stands?

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I wasn't sure where exactly to post this but has anyone used these acrylic stands and are they sturdy enough to hold cupcakes? TIA!

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I would love to know also as I have been looking at these for a wedding i need to have one for. Sorry I couldn't help you out.
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I bought one of these acrylic stands several years ago (it was not exactly like the one in your picture) and I was disappointed with the quality. They would hold cupcakes, but I would consider it a disposable product. I think I paid around $70 for it and for that price I could not justify it being disposable so I sent mine back.

For $70 you can get a really nice adjustable MDF one on Etsy that you rent out over and over again.
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I bought the exact same one almost a year ago.
Quality wise its okay, its sturdy enough to hold cupcakes but tricky sometimes to adjust/level. Found that it got scratched right away.When I received it 2 tiers were already damaged they sent me replacements immediately.

Their customer service is terrible, there isn't a phone number to contact them which is really frustrating!
If you search the "Cupcakes" section in the forum you will find at least 2 threads about "Efavormart" and their service.
If you are a hobby baker and would like to buy it for you, its a good price. Whereas if you are planning to rent it out, I suggest you get a something heavier more expensive.

HTH icon_smile.gif
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Thank you soo much Jenniffer and Cupcations!! Really appreciate your feedback... I think I'll go with the wooden cupcake tower then... thanks again!! icon_biggrin.gif
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This stand is AWFUL! Reeeeeally difficult to put it together straight and most of the plates are slightly warped already.

THIS stand:

is GREAT. Basically what we were all *hoping* for with the one you posted.
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Thnx KoryAK! Do you use the stand you posted? Did you buy it from the same website that you linked? Haven't heard of the website before.
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Yes I have two that I got from that site. They are basically the "crystal splendor" product (usually satellite cake stands) but for some reason this is the ONLY site I have seen the cupcake tower on. It comes with a 6" top plate (or 8"?) but you can buy any of the other sizes and they will work too (top and bottom plates have one collar that holds the pillar and the middle plates have a collar on the top and the bottom)
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thank you so much! I'll place my order there. Really appreciate it! icon_smile.gif
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Oh, and do you know how many cupcakes this 5 tier stand can hold? It doesn't say that on the website.
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About 100
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thank you!
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I own the crystal splendor wedding cake stand and the candle stands and I love them!! Great company. I'm hoping to buy the cupcake stand soon.
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