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Ups and downs ...

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I had 5 orders for this week. 4 happy clients (one saying - I love your work you will definately see me again) and then the unhappy one (It does not look like the picture and I will never order from you again!) I told her to bring back the cake and I will refund her. She did not want to do it - then her daughter has no birthday cake. I sms'ed her and tried to explain that no-one can copy a cake exactly like a picture - I asked her for her bank details and said she could keep the cake and I will refund her or she must bring back the cake and I will change it. I heard nothing back. Why is it that one client can mess up your whole day? I feel so bad! I suppose 2 unhappy clients in 3 years is not so bad, but now I feel like I failed big time ... Thanks for letting me talk to someone icon_sad.gif
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I looked at your cakes and I cannot imagine anyone being unhappy with any one of them. Some people just like to complain. If she was that unhappy with it, she would have returned it. As to the excuse that the daughter would have no birthday cake, there were alternatives I'm sure. When my daughter was young, I ordered a birthday cake from a bakery. When I went to pick it up, they wanted double what I had been quoted. The owner was unbelievably rude about it and I told him to keep the cake. Mind you the party was the next day. I checked around and was able to get another cake to pick up the day of the party. By the way, the bakery closed within months of this incident.
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Seriously...what cake is she complaining about? Is it in your gallery? Your work is great!
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Your cakes are beautiful! I couldn't not have been your work. I bet she was pms'ing. It wasn't your work.
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I wish there was a smiley for drop dead gorgeous, because that's what your cakes are!
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Thank you, thank you! You guys are the best! Thanks a lot! (Like the pms one icon_lol.gif ) I feel much better. Still have not heard anything from her again. Struggling to put the photo of the cake here.
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