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Butter roux icing

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I am trying to look for the proper way to make butter roux icing. I found a few variations on the internet and I don't know what is right. How do I know what recipe is correct?? Any suggestions on where to find this? Thanks!
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Are you referring to the "proper way" as they use different cooking times? I have tried the heirloom frosting:
and one other that uses shortening instead of butter. I like the all butter recipe, except it separated on me at room temperature. (I don't like cold frostings and cakes). I did not like the all shortening version (not a fan of the grease). So my next try will be half of butter and shortening. HTH.
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i have the same problem..the frosting splits..the milk separates...what am i doing wrong?
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I use this recipe and it's wonderful, my new favorite. It looks like this on cupcakes. I've had no problems with it separating. This is a perishable frosting and shouldn't be left at room temperature for more that a couple of hours, though. Could that have been the problem?.
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i think i was not beating it enough...i thought it would all come together quickly...but you have "to beat the living daylights out of it"....worked!!
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