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What am I doing wrong? Cookie Press

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So, I just bought a cookie press thinking it'd be a super cool little do dad to have for popping out some quick shaped cookies. But I'm frustrated already!

The dough is pushed out just fine and in the right shape, but it doesn't come off of the cookie press. It just sticks to it and I have to use a knife or something else to peel the cookie shape off of it, causing it to either fall apart or morph into some weird looking blob.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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You may not be extruding enough dough before pulling away. Try making the cookies a little bigger and see if that helps.

Also, you have to remember to stop all pressure BEFORE you start to pull away. Sometimes we get away from ourselves and start pulling up while still pushing out dough.

One more thing to try would be to lightly grease the outside of your discs to discourage sticking. If that doesn't work, try dipping the disc in a little bit of flour before extruding the dough.

Oh, and try chilling your dough. Might be a little harder to extrude, but you might be able to find just the right temperature so you don't break your hand trying to push out the dough, yet the dough doesn't stick.

Good luck!
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Good advice given. Also, it is a "touch" and feel thing. Dough must be cool, but not too cold. Dough must stick a bit to stick to the tray but away from the press. And it does sound like you were not pushing enough dough to "stick" to the tray.

They ARE easy, once you have "the touch".
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Thank you so much for your help!!! I ended up using cookie cutters for most of the cookie dough but left some to try practicing some more once I got some advice. icon_smile.gif I am going to go try these tips now!!! icon_wink.gif
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It's one of those things that just "click", and you've got it. Practice, put the dough back in the extruder, and do it again. That is a fun machine.
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