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So after I made a graduation cake that had a tassel, and I rolled each little string by hand I had decided that I MUST get an extruder. I was doing my due diligence on Amazon researching brands and reading reviews. I decided to check out YouTube to see if anyone had posted a comparison or review video for the 2 brands I was looking at... but I found something even better! Here is a link to a video to make your own clay extruder with parts found in a cake decorators favorite aisle of the hardware store... you guessed it, the plumbing department!

The "discs" are Wilton Tips, which we all must have a large collection of! Anyway, it looks like it's probably a little more difficult to use than the Makins one or the other I was looking at, but if it will get the job done, it's still got to be better than rolling strings by hand! I want to try and make one this weekend, if I get to it, I'll let you know how it worked out!
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I know this is an old thread, but can you use these with modelling chocolate?

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I'm with you Lizzy.  This is an old thread but I'm just learning to use the extruder myself.

Can you use Modeling Chocolate in the extruders?

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To reply to myself (I'd forgotten I'd asked this!), yes you can. I warmed it up a bit in the microwave first so it was pretty soft, and then extruded it. By the time it had come out it was cool enough to hold its shape (although I only tried this with a medium round hole, I would expect it to work with most of the others). I had to do it a smallish bit at a time and kept re-heating the modelling chocolate to keep it the right consistency, but it worked ok for me icon_smile.gif
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Thanks.   I'm trying to use modeling chocolate in every way possible, as it is so delicious.

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