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Originally Posted by ThreeLittleBlackbirds

I have to disagree that cake flour makes a "better" cake. I absolutely hate the artificial chemical taste that cake flour imparts into a beautiful scratch cake and you might as well just open up a box mix. This is just my opinion of course, so don't blow a gasket on me now icon_smile.gif

I have found that a combination of unbleached a/p flour and pre-sifted self-rising flour make the best cakes for me. I sift and resift them together and be extra careful not to overmix or overbake. I also use potato starch to help the texture of the cake and soften up the crumb. This way, I don't have to use bleached chemical flours and I can stay true to my "all-natural scratch cake" philosophy

The comments I get on my cakes are that the taste is out of this world but that the soft and fluffy, velvety, buttery crumb is what makes them spectacular.

I read somewhere about using potato starch to help with moistness in a cake. Is this true? And how much do you use per cup of flour?
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I just recently checked out a book from the library, "Cake Love How to Bake Cakes from Scratch" by Warren Brown.  WOW such a great and interesting book.  He is a believer in using potato starch with AP flour. Has anyone ever used any of his recipes or have baked cakes using potato starch with AP flour? Im really curious to know how they turned out.

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hello ladies!


i know this thread is ages old, but just wanted to let you know cake flour is here in the UK and oddly enough hides in chinese supermarkets. there it is called low gluten wheat flour, and sometimes dumpling flour has the same low gluten content. 


i know this because there is a certain type of noodle, that requires a very low gluten content and in the US recipes, it is called cake flour.


hope this helps anyone still looking for the elusive cake flour.



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