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Shipping Cookies to Deployed Soldiers?

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What is the best way to ship cookies overseas for the troops? what are great ways to make sure that they stay fresh for as long as possible
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Food Saver! It is great for that. I would watch the recipes you use too. Plan for them to be delayed.

If this is a family member and you will send things often, invest in the Food Saver. It will save you the cost many times over just in daily use.
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Thats what I do my son is over seas and I mail goodies all the time at Christmas I put pumpkin, apple and cranberry bread in my food saver bags and sucked as much air out as I could and sent them to him... Then I made giant cookies did the same and then wraped tose in bubble wrap since they were decorated in RI. very good investment.
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any kind of bread works as long as it is moist, the more bread you use the more moisture it absorbs, the less your cookies dry out.

Keeping Fresh Baked Cookies Moist can be a Challenge. I tried this idea I had a few years ago and it worked perfect. I've come to find out other use it too, and it works great and is so simple to do. Problem is that most people don't know how easy it is. If followed right your cookies with stay moist for longer then expected. First after baking let cookies completely cool. Second layer them in a 9x13 inche plasitc container. With wax paper between each layer. Third on the last layer add a piece of wax paper then a slice of bread. Finally cover with lid. Change to a fresh slice of bread when the slice becomes stale or hard
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