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Cake topper business

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Hello all

I am new to cake central...and I really hope you can help me.
I live in New Zealand and im a keen cake maker, but due to working full time in recruitment, im unable to make as many cakes as id like.

But I would really really love to start a cake topper business from home. Could someone please give me some help on what I would need to start it up, products etc?

Thank you very much! icon_biggrin.gif
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Hi I am in NZ too. If you look on Trade Me and search cake topper you will see a few already doing it. Some of them are sold quite cheaply though I don't know how they do it - my figures take me ages to make literally a couple or 4 hours for people - and don't get me started on flowers - how the hell they can sell them for $20 or so when they would take me 4/5 hours at least for a spray. Maybe they have like a production line going and make several of the same thing at once but I don't see how they can make any money off it. In saying that maybe the person who buys it then buys more 'offline' from TM if you get what I mean. You know they buy 1 item for $10 and then order the cake and more decorations off them. It could be a good way to get more cake orders. I sold heaps of my babies baby stuff on tm at one stage and I seemed to spend all day on the computer or wrapping and posting stuff - so now I have boxes of the crap and prams sitting in the shed - I gotta get on to it.
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