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Cake boss for MAC

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Any MAC users that also use CAKE BOSS software?
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I have a mac but was told Cakeboss only works on a pc (i think it might be MS Access based) You could try and run it through Parallel though. Wish it was programmed in Filemaker icon_sad.gif so it would run on both systems
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Darn, I'm a MAC user as well.
post #4 of 19 you have a MAC and have the Cake boss software?

I too have the MAC and was told that it might work on MAC if I had some software...I forgot the name of it?

I really wanted to buy the software, but if it doesnt work on my computer then I'm out of luck icon_sad.gificon_cry.gif
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I don't have it, I want it, but my son says if I put the windows software it will make the laptop very slow, so no luck....
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Paola....I contacted Cake Boss and asked them about any problems/issues that there MAC users have encountered with Parallels and they stated that the only problem the users reported were the hassle of running both programs. I am going to buy the paralells program so I can buy the cake boss program. I have heard so many things about it that I just have to check it out. I have a hard time calculating my costs and plus I am so unorganized that I think Cake Boss with help me out.
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I have a mac as well and recently purchased the cakeboss software and just put it on my pc. The software is AMAZING but it was too much of a hassle to go back and forth between my mac and pc... i didn't want to have to purchase additional software just to sync my mac with my pc. In most cases, you have to have your PC on and active when you want to access the software through your mac.

CakeBoss said they are working on an internet based software option so that anyone can use the software regardless of their computer type.

They hope to get that up and running by this year sometime!

It will definitely be worth the wait. The advantages of this software for your cake business is just awesome!

If you have any guestions, I would suggest contacting them. They have speedy response time!!!
Moms helping moms work from home since 1999!
Moms helping moms work from home since 1999!
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I am in the process of completing the installation of Parallels software so I can purchase the Cake boss software. I was lucky to have redeemed the software off my credit card points and did not have to pay anything for it!! By what I have will not be running the parallels program all the time, only when you want to you Word documents. So, your computer/laptop should not be running slow.

I will let you guys if know how it works out.
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just adding another to the wish list of wanting a MAC compatible option. An internet based system would be awesome--then it could be accessed via ipad (we have imacs and ipads, no laptops).

i really want this program, but I want it to be easy (and that's why we have macs anyway, right icon_wink.gif )
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Normita, you also need a copy of Windows, right? A full version of Windows. That's why I didn't buy Parallels. I've used macs my whole life, since they came out, and I would rather not have the software than use a PC.

Every mac out there works in PC mode if you install Boot Camp which is free. It doesn't run at the same time as the mac section though (not like Parallels), but it works. The only problem is that you need to buy a copy of Windows, too!

I guess I'll wait for the either the mac version or the internet version to try it out. (It's also not pretty, not up to the mac standards of beautiful interfaces, so I'm not sure I'll enjoy it.) Ok, so I'm a mac snob, but don't hate me for
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It would be great if they release a web-based version. I am soooo seriously considering buying an el cheapo portable PC piece of trash solely to run Cake Boss on, but really could do without the hassle!! Just the thought of seeing that black or blue screen when the PC turns on and takes 15 minutes to start doing anything makes my skin crawl icon_biggrin.gif
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They are working on the online version now... hoping to have it out sometime this year! It will be well worth the wait!!!
Moms helping moms work from home since 1999!
Moms helping moms work from home since 1999!
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Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop in and let you know that I am aware of this thread and have been keeping an eye on it. Nothing has been said that is not accurate, as far as I am aware.

Kelley icon_smile.gif
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Ok so I had to make a decision so I opted for buying a PC laptop.
The program is great. I just going to make this my work laptop and the Mac my home laptop. I'm also going to use it to download the photos, that were making my disc to full. And I don't have to take the laptop back and forth from the kitchen to my home.
I love the program And I think it will make the investment worth it.
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I have a Mac and use cake boss works great through parallels
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