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Hey Fullhouse,

I recently built a website for my girlfriend who has also just started a cake company and have done soooooo much reading on search engine optimisation, I thought I might share it with you. Everyone may have ideas on your fonts/colours etc but ultimately, that's generally a user like or dislike, not as relevant for moving up google although there are some design facets you need to consider.

Our site is and we're based in the UK so I don't think we'll be stepping on each other toes. We made it up to pages 4 and 5 on google for our keywords in around 4 months. It might not be perfect but its also been a good learning curve for us to.

Your positives...
1. You have a lot of links coming into your site - this seems to be the biggest factor in a website doing well with search engines
2. You have registered with the search engines
3. You have lots of content in your site which is a very good thing

Some opportunities icon_smile.gif
1. Consider what keywords you think people will search for if you think they want to find you in google. For example, we think people search for us by "wedding cakes glasgow" or "cake makers glasgow".

Build your front page on these words.

Your site needs to have the following tags in the html code:
- Title - someone touched on this earlier - have these google keyords contained in it
- Meta Description - A short description of your site (limit this to 160 chars)
- Meta Keywords - Keywords that you think are relevant to your site. Note that these do need to be relevant and included in your site wording otherwise it can be deemed as spam.

You should also considering changing the wording on your front page so that you have a keyword density of between 2 and 5%, ie if rhere are 100 words on the page, your keywords appear between 2 and 5 times. Any less its not relevant, anymore its seen as spam.

You should also run an HTML validator to ensure that the code on your site complies with HTML standards.

Another major way of getting your site recognised is to sign up to Google Webmasters and register an XML sitemap for your site. This ensures google indexes your pages and then you move up the rankings icon_smile.gif

For the whole font/colour design, you should include <H1> tags at least once on your main page as these show headings and ideally include a keyword within this tag.

Finally, create a twitter account and a facebook page for your company and use them as much as possible - people love looking at pretty cakes!

I could go on lots more about this and I realise its pretty in-depth so feel free to email me if you wanna chat more.

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Thank you for the contact info, Kima, I really like your logo.

Chris, I really appreciate the time you took to share your expertise. I will be looking into how to accomplish all those tricks icon_smile.gif. I looked at your site, your girlfriend does beautiful cakes.

I wish you guys the best of luck.
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Love your idea and Love your site. Thanks for sharing. Can I ask you where you get your fabric and disposable aprons? I am in Canada doing a similar thing but really love some of your ideas and was hoping I could use some... if its ok with you.
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Disposable aprons are from S&S Worldwide. I have a friend who owns an apron company and can sell you aprons in bulk: . The more you order the better the price.
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Thank you... I'll check it out!
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I just found (upon a quick google search) 2 sites that have copied my party packages & descriptions VERBATIM! Obviously, I am not claiming to own the idea of cake decorating parties, I'm not the first or the last to come up with the idea. I did, however spend countless hours figuring out my packages, working a budget and business plan and countless more hours writing and editing the text for my website. It is illegal to cut and paste text from one website to use on another (just ask Kara, she has some very thorough and informative blog posts on the subject). I'm sure some just don't realize that it is not ok legally, or morally to do so. Plus the fact, that what works for me financially and logistically may very well be a recipe for failure for someone else (depending on location, suppliers, etc.).

I have contacted the owners of the sites directly to request the removal of my intellectual property. I know I have the option of turning them in, but I preferred to give them the chance to remove it on their own. Especially since it may be they had no idea of this law.

The 1st person I contacted, apologized, explained that the site wasn't actually linked to anything and they hadn't launched their cake parties yet, were just using the text as a place holder. They very promptly and graciously removed my text.

I'll definitely be searching to be sure there are no other instances of my text being used. My main concern is that a customer may come across the other person's site and think I am the one stealing text, which would hurt my integrity and the integrity of my business.

If you stumble across this thread and/or my website and plan to offer your own cake parties I truly wish you the best of luck. I am even happy to help if you have specific questions, but PLEASE PLEASE don't just copy and paste what I have done.
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