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Vegetable Shortening

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I am from South Africa and I am trying to make white buttercream frosting. The recipes I have seen for white buttercream all have solid vegetable shortening and butter....what is solid vegetable shortening? is it not the same as butter? The butter we get here is yellow, does the shortening help in some way to make it more white? What are other names for shortening
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Shortening is a semisolid fat used in food preparation, especially baked goods, Shortening is fat or lard from an animal or vegetable. The term "shortening" can be used more broadly to apply to any fat that is used for baking and which is solid at room temperature, such as butter, lard, and margarine.

The only way I can get white frosting is with the shortening. I use the Crisco brand which I think is the best.
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For shortening, do an internet search for Sth African sources: eg GoldenBake Shortening ..
[Kwazulu Natal, South Africa Tel: + 2739 682-4507/5708]

Contact the company and ask for distributors or stockists ..
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Hi I know im a bit late in replying. But Maizena works good. And Checkers sells wooden spoon brand butter which is white and works really well.

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Hi there


I use Wooden Spoon - the white shortening. 


Hope this helps.




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