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Freezing a pound cake

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So i always freeze my WASC and they turn out well but now I have a request to make a pound cake in a bundt those freeze well and any recommendations for a good one and do you cut it and ice the center?
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My homemade one does freeze well.
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Mine does too icon_biggrin.gif
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I think you can freeze a pound cake very well, if it's wrapped properly. I would suggest wrapping 2-3 times in plastic wrap and foil and stick it in a plastic grocery bag and tie it up. I don't ice pound cakes with anything other than a glaze, made with 1 lb powdered sugar and a couple tablespoons of milk or lemon juice. I wouldn't do that until after it's out the freezer and completely thawed.
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I wrap in plastic wrap-then shrink wrap with heat gun and freeze.
Happy Baking and Decorating,
Chef Angie
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Mine freezes great too thumbs_up.gif
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What do you do with it while it is defrosting? Keep it covered or open it up?
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Leave it completely wrapped. Just take out the freezer and let it thaw.
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Thanks everybody. What is WASC?
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I've made mulitple pound cakes (baking ahead) and froze them with no problem. As mentioned, wrapping them is key.
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