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Fresh fruit filling

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How do you make a fresh fruit filling and keep it from leaking out or making the cake soggy? I need to do a strawberry and found a recipe, but I am concerned about soaking into the cake and making it wet. Any tips?
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I've been considering a fresh fruit filling as well, for an upcoming cake but haven't decided how/what. But what I've thought of doing is spreading a thin layer of buttercream first and then putting in the fruit filling. That will keep it from soaling into the cake. And be sure to dam it as well.
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What I did, and it worked well, was first I washed, pitted and sliced the strawberries and dried them with paper towel. Made sure to really dry them well though. Then, I put a thin layer of BC, sprinkled cake crumbs and a little PS over that and then placed the sliced strawberries on top, then sprinkled again with the cake crumbs and PS, did another layer of BC and stacked my next layer.

And of course, make sure you have a good dam.

Hope that helps.
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Another way to do it is to seal the bottom layer of cake with a melted jam. You just melt the jam in the microwave and spread on with a pastry brush. The jam will cool in minutes and seal the cake. Pipe a good dam areond the edges and fill as usual.
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I thought about the jam technique, but putting a considerable amount of jam, then sliced strawberries on top of that. I was hoping that would make a generous filling, but still prevent sogginess and have fresh fruit. Think that would be ok? BTW, thanks for the replies everyone.
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Ok, need to add to this since cake day is coming up Saturday. I am going to do a strawberry jam with fresh sliced strawberries. Cakes have been in freezer. I was going to bring them out today, assemble today after work and crumb coat, refrigerate and finish icing tomorrow. I will be using buttercream. I am just worried the strawberries will "wilt" and get mushy. Or would it be better to wait to fill and assemble tomorrow. I was going advice??
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Sorry, my typing did not match my mouth! But you get the gist . . .
Fill today? Fill tomorrow? Will sliced strawberries hold up?
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