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Flat Top Cupcakes

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Hi Everyone,
I am new to this forum, and was hoping someone could please tell me how to get flat topped cupcakes. Everytime i bake cupcakes i get a dome on top, but need to cover flat topped cupcakes this weekend. thanks in advance. icon_biggrin.gif
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Welcome, CakeyO!!!

I'm am not much of a cupcake baker, but I do remember reading a thread about high top versus flat cupcakes. It seems that it can depend on many factors - different recipes produce different results, and I remember it being mentioned that starting your oven on a higher temperature, then turning it down after a few minutes worked for some.

I hope someone with more experience with cupcakes can come on and give more information icon_biggrin.gif
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Hi! I find that if I fill the liners 1/2 full I will have flat tops....fill 2/3 full and the result is a dome top. HTL


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I fill my pans then pick up the trays and gently drop them (about a half an inch or so) on to the counter repeatedly, to let the air out. This works for me!
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I have found that if I use all purpose flour I get a domed top but if I use cake and pastry flour I get a flat top. This is in cake extender recipes that call for an extra cup of flour.
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Fill cases 1/2 full, don't over-beat, drop the temperature back to 160oC, and check your ingredients

Are you using a recipe the uses self-raising flour? If so, change to plain flour plus baking powder ..

If you have to use self-raising flour, substitute 1/3 - 1/2 self-raising with plain flour ..
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after I baked cupcakes, I put a cutting board om the pan and push till the board hits the pan. Then I'll flip both the board and the pan over. The cupcakes are now upside down. I turn them by hand, and they are is flat topped as you can have.
The recipe doesn't matter. I fill them for about 1/2
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