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Andes Mint Filling

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I am making a wedding cake and the bride loves Andes Mints. She said she has heard of a cake filling made from them. I think she wants something more like a minty rich chocolate filling with actual chunks of Andes mints. I've only found one recipe using the mints and it's more like a buttercream with mints mixed in. Does anyone have a better recipe or any ideas? Thanks!
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what about a chocolate ganache or mousse flavored with mint extract and chopped andes?
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If you find the creme de menthe flavoring oil, that's the same kind of "mint" that is in an could either make buttercream, tint it pale green, and add the creme de menthe and then the crushed andes, or make it chocolate, add the flavor, and then candies. I've made mint buttercream before using that stuff (making it pale green) and it was so yummy! I made like a "grasshopper" type cake with it...chocolate cake, dark ganache, and the mint buttercream. Actually I think I flavored the ganache with some of the oil as well.
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I use a filling with Andes candies.

I start with a basic butter cream, melt down some of the Andes Candies, and add them to the butter cream. Chop up some more of the candies and hand stir them into the butter butter cream.

This goes over pretty well, and having the tiny chunks of the candies adds some texture, and you aren't using an extract or oil, so it really is a Andes Candies filling.
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Thank you so much for the ideas! I tried several things. Unfortunately I could not find any creme de menthe in my town, but I think I'll keep that in mind to try in the future. For now, I first made a basic ganache with bittersweet chocolate then melted Andes mints into it. The richness of the chocolate really overpowered the mint, so I made a second ganache just using Andes mints. This turned out really runny and I kept adding more mints to try to thicken it up. I think it was due to the mint filling of the candies. Also, the mint flavoring was almost too overpowering. So in the end, I took half of my basic ganache and mixed it in with all of the Andes mint ganache. The taste and texture was perfect. Once it cooled, I added more chopped up mints too. So although I was kind of adding things to taste, the recipe was basically as follows:
12 oz heavy cream
4 oz bittersweet chocolate
15 oz chopped Andes mints (more or less to taste)
Then the basic ganache directions: Chop all chocolate. Heat cream to boiling and pour over chocolate. Let cool then (optional) add more chopped Andes mints for taste and texture.

I also made a buttercream icing and added melted Andes mints to this. All of the family and friend taste testers loved both.
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I made an Andes mint chocolate truffle filling the other day. Just made chocolate truffle filling (see the gourmet flavors thread) and added crushed andes chocolates to it. I don't like mint, but everyone that tried it loved it.
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I made a ganache with the Andes mint chips and then whipped it. (like the whipped chocolate ganache that is on her). It was so yummy! If you can't get the chips, I'm sure you could just chop up the actual candies!
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