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Wine Glass Cake

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A freind asked if a cake can be made shaped like a wine glass. Can any one help me with this?

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here is the site and just scroll down the page:
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Thanks Charmed for the website. I scrolled down but it shows how to make a wine bottle. I'm look for info on how to make a wine glass.

I hope my inquiry is in the correct forum topic??!!!
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Ohhh I am sorry!! How did I miss that? I even had my glasses on too!!

if you want a simple 2d glass there are couple of them:

I searched the net but couldn't find any and haven't seen any 3d wine glass cake in the galleries. I also would like to know how to make one!!
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couldn't attach a picture, so go to this diagram to see sketch of wine glass cake concept:

start with a large circle of plywood at least 1/2 thick.

to it attach a central dowel
see this diagram:

to the top of that attach a piece of masonite (pressboard) that is cut to size circle you want the diameter of the glass to be at it's base just as it starts to curve in to the stem.

for the curved part under the masonite -- either RKT or styrofoam

for the curved foot of the glass -- RKT or styrofoam

cake (the purple part) gets stacked just like any tier cake.

for really tall glass could make it a full 8" tall

could also carve it so it curves in like those balloon style wine glasses

I'd detail out the bottom circle of plywood so it looks like one of those round waiter's tray to complete the image of milady's wine being served.
Keep on cakin'!
Keep on cakin'!
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Thanks Doug that is fantastic!! thumbs_up.gif
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Charmed thank you for continuing to serch.

Doug, I new if anybody could come through it would be you. You're the BEST!!!
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