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cupcake help needed

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I have a customer requesting large size cupcakes for a baby shower. That's the easy part. However they want the liners off the cupcakes and the whole thing iced with decorations on the sides also. What would be the best thing/way to cover the cupcakes. Any and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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I had to do that before, it's a weird request! icon_confused.gif I think icing the whole thing is excessive....way too much icing-to-cake ratio IMHO.

What I did was I baked the cupcakes, peeled off the wrapper, dipped them up to the rim in melted chocolate (i.e. only the "stump" where the wrapper usually covers! icon_lol.gif ), let them dry solid for a few minutes and then iced the tops as usual with buttercream.

Sure, they now have more icing/sweetness on them....but it becomes a PITA for people to hold them and eat them without extra messiness. They now have to get plates/forks for the event, an added cost. Maybe that suggestion would sway them? icon_twisted.gif
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That's one of the strangest things I've ever heard of. Cutting and serving cake isn't difficult. Why doesn't she just get a cake? Make sure you charge extra, because this sounds like a major PITA.
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