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Can you get SPS in the UK - Page 2

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Any ideas on this?

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I've looked a few times but can't find any :-( not even on ebay!

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Guys have you checked out amazon? The Craft Company online do SPS they are in the UK so no shipping charges
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I don't know about finding SPS in the U.K., but you can order it from elsewhere in Europe. It's carried here in Greece at a company called Aliprantis whose website is sugarworld/dot/gr. There's a toggle over to the English language.


Can't tell you about pricing or anything else at this moment, but I'm happy to help if anyone's interested as Aliprantis is just a few kilometers from my home and I'll be hopping over there soon anyways. Postage within the E.U. should be nominal and of course you won't pay customs costs which are the real killers. Generally I find Aliprantis' costs to be pretty reasonable, and they're a nice company to deal with.


As I'm new to this forum I don't know if other posters can P.M. me but I assume they can. If not and someone would like my help with a Greek vendor which might intimidate you :-) please just post a request and we'll figure a way to communicate.


Cakealicious7, I don't find SPS at the Craft Company.

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@ XeniAnnoula if you go to the craft company website and type in the little box " separator plates " a variety will come up. I just checked they are still there : )
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Hi cakealicious7 -- thanks for your comment. I had seen the separator plates, pillars, etc. that they offer at the Craft Company, but I was looking for the SPS system in particular -- the one manufacturered in the U.S. by Bakery Crafts. Those I still don't see!

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@XeniAnnoula lol I thought they were the same thing!! (Ok I feel stupid now ). I'll do a google research if I come across any I'll let you know xx
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Cakelicious7, you don't need to feel stupid! I only just discovered them myself and was reading about them online, although much to my own surprise, I happen to have a sample here which is how I remembered that I must have found them locally somewhere.


Without having all the similar brands next to each other, of course I can't tell you if the differences in the Bakery Crafts product and the others really matter, but those who know far more recommend the Bakery Crafts over the Wilton, at least, as being stronger and better quality overall. So it was for that reason I was looking specifically for that brand!

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