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WASC in high altitude (Colorado)

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I'd like to try the WASC (White Almond Sour Cream Cake) since everyone raves about it. Has anyone baked this in high altitude? Did you need to make any adjustments?
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I am in New Mexico at about 5200 feet elevation. I have made the WASC many times with no adjustments, and it has always worked well.

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I think I depens on the recipe, I usually add 1T of flour to batter
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I'm in the Denver metro area and have made the WASC several time successfully with no modifications.
"Life Itself Is The Proper Binge" - Julia Child
"Life Itself Is The Proper Binge" - Julia Child
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Thanks everyone! I tried this without adjustments this week. For some reason my 8" x 3" cake fell. I split the recipe in half. After reading some other posts I may have beat it too long. My cupcakes turned out from the same batch. I'll have to try again sometime.
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I'm at 8900' (Colorado) and, for some reason, have had results with only a half recipe, even using a cone or nails. 


Flour - add 3 Tbsp.

Sugar - decrease 2 Tbsp.

Water - increase by 1/4 cup

Careful to not over beat.

I lower the oven and bake it a little longer.

I use baking nails no matter what size pan.


If somebody figures this out for the full recipe, let me know! We lived on a CA beach before retiring and now converting all my recipes from 0' to 8900' is less than ego-building. 

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Hi, sbachorosk, I'm right down the road from you! I bake mostly from scratch now but when used to use a WASC or cake mix extender I did the following:


1 18.25 cake mix (I don't know how to make it with the smaller mixes, as I haven't used it since before they "shrunk")

1 cup (less 2 tbs) sugar

1 1/4 cup flour (when making chocolate, 1 cup flour; 1/4 cup cocoa)

1/2 tsp salt

4 eggs

8 oz sour cream

1 tsp complementary flavored extract

whatever the liquid called for on the mix instructions (they're not all the same) PLUS 1 tbs of the water and 1 tbs of the oil


Like kmatray, I bake at a slightly lower temperature but start checking on the early side.


BTW, kmatray, I don't envy you baking at that altitude! I'm at just over 6000' and it's hard. It's taken me years to get my recipes worked out. There's a lot that just don't adjust, or at least I can't get them to adjust! I moved here from New England 16 years ago. Baking-wise, it was humbling, that's for sure!

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