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The trick is to keep it level during travel. Car seats are not level. Always put a towel rolled up or something to make the back of the seat as high as the front.

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So you put a mat between the boards but nothing else?
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Thanks, I do the same, maybe the cake board that I use is just slippery. This happens when driving on slopes/hilly roads...gravity kicks in. I often stack the cakes on they are on separate cake boards. The bottom one which is on drum board and decorated with fondant does not have this issue.

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Yes, leveling does help. But, it is difficult when driving up hill or downhill...someone has to hold the cake and move hands in opposite direction of the road to level. Tough when I drive alone or not enough hands to hold everything. 

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I have started using a tablespoon of melted white candy melts. It holds great!
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It sounds like the original post-er was asking if she should put a piece of drawer liner directly between the bottom of the cake itself and its cake board. DON'T DO IT. The problem is with the Wilton cake boards. They are slick white on one side, which is a disaster waiting to happen. Instead, flip the board over and use the brown side instead (my instructor taught me that). THEN put a piece of drawer liner (the rubbery kind) underneath the cake board (between your cake board and your decorative base). Hope this helps!
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When I'm putting a cake board (with cake on it) onto another cake board (I call it the final board and I often don't do the final board until I'm nearly done with the cake), I use a piece of double-sided carpet tape between the two boards. A smear of buttercream has failed me in the past so I only use it to adhere a cake to a board, never to adhere 2 boards together.

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