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Picnics! I've been snooping around wanting to try my hand at joining the cookie club, and picnics would clinch the deal for me!

happy baking!
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I would think anything about summer.
or "Stars and Stripes" (July 4th theme), "Summer Fun", w/c includes
bugs, as what someone suggested. icon_smile.gif
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Yay! Mailman just dropped off my order from Foose for my latest order of cookie cutters. What an assortment! Beach stuff, picnic stuff, patriotic, I think I am covered so LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!
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wow, this was a tough one - lots of GREAT ideas!!

The ideas that seemed to be tied for the most support were "bugs" and "the beach." Since it was suggested, and supported, that we do "beach" and "bugs" for the months of July and August, I think we should go with the "beach" theme for July. And, we can consider having "bugs" for August, unless other ideas are more supported when the time comes to decide on August's theme (Cake_Princess will be in charge of the August theme, and I don't want to speak for her by deciding on that theme now).

So, July's cookie club theme is "the beach" - anything related to the beach is fair game. I'll start a new thread to post your pictures in, with the "guidelines", etc., that Cake_Princess created a few montsh ago.

Happy Baking everyone!!

p.s. - I am really excited about both theme ideas (beach and bugs) so I'm already supporting "bugs" for the theme for August icon_lol.gif
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