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Making a zipper out of gumpaste or fondant

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Hey everyone!

I'm going to be doing a cake that will look like a black motorcycle jacket, but I need to figure out how to do the zippers. I've seen examples of them on purses, and they look great, but I'm wondering if anyone knows how to actually make them? Does it have to be gumpaste or will fondant work okay? Do you need any special tools? Thanks for any advice that anyone can give! Thanks!
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I'm bumping...I too would love to find out.
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I am wondering about this too. I am making a suitcase with a zipper using MMF. I figured I would use a zipper (I bought a metal 36" zipper) and make an impression and then kind of work it back up (um turn it over) then paint the teeth silver or gold. I already have my fondant colored. I am hoping this works. I'm experimenting I guess. Maybe someone who has done one before has a better idea.
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That sounds like a great idea - to use an actual zipper as an impression! I never thought of that! I read somewhere else on Cake Central where someone used a metal decorating comb - the kind with the square shaped edges-and used that to cut out each side of a zipper. Tonight I'll try both ways and see what happens! Thanks!
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I did a LV purse and this is how I did the zipper...

I cut a strip of fondant and then used the decorating comb to make the impression in the strip of fondant. I didn't cut it out, I just made the impression. Then I painted it with luster dust. very simple, but looks cool!!
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Yes, yours is the one I was talking about! I printed out a picture and everything, so I can use it as a reference tonight. Your purse is absolutely amazing! Your work and details are just perfection. I've never attempted a purse cake but somehow I think I have a long way to go to make mine look anything like yours! Thank you so much for sharing!
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By the way, TamiAZ - how did you do the little zipper pull thing? That looks perfect as well!
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HI Pyxxydust, I was wondering how your zipper turned out? I made my suitcase with a zipper and it turned out pretty good for me. Not as good as the zipper on the purse, but it worked. I had to have help putting it on the cake because it was so long. Its in my photos if you want to take a look. I want to see yours too.
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Hey! Actually, it turned out pretty good! I tried a few different things, and I ended up using my Wilton cutter/embosser tool for it. I used the wheel with the wavy lines, which doesn't look like it would work, but somehow it did! I used that and then flipped the zipper around and actually used the "backside" for the front of the zipper, cuz that embossing tool tends to give a beveled edge, which I didn't like for the zipper. Then I covered in the silver luster dust with vodka. I haven't downloaded the picture of the jacket cake yet - I was out of town all weekend but I will try to do it sometime this week and let you take a peek. I looked at your pics (your suitcase is amazing! What a great job!) and the zipper looked perfect! Who knew that making zippers would be so interesting?!
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