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Strawberry Shaped Birthday Cake

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Hi everyone,

Let me just start off by saying that i've been a fan of this website for pretty much a month and i have learned a lot and love to read what everyone has to say. I am new to the world of cake decorating, but I have always been interested in it. Im in my 3rd week of course 2 at Michaels and ive found it really enjoyable. Ok, with that out of the way, on to my question. My boss' b-day is coming up in november and she mentioned that she would love a strawberry flavored cake. I thought it would be a good idea to make her a starwberry flavored/shapped cake. My question is this: Do i just take a heart shapped pan and turn it upside down, ice it the correct colors and viola!? Is it that simple. Am i missing something? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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I seem to remember seeing something like this done with the puffed heart pan. If you have that pan I can check the books I have for a photo and instructions. If you're interested please forward your fax number or home address to me at I'll send whatever I find. Unfortunately I don't have the ability to scan.

Good luck!
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I did a strawberry shaped cake using a regular heart pan. I carved the edges and tip of the heart off using a knife. The 'leaves' were made using fondant but you could easily pipe them on. I made the little seed indentations and airbrushed them but they could also be piped on. I don't think I can post a photo here so I'll post it in the gallery.

You have a wonderful idea and you'll knock their socks off!!
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Thank you so much for your suggestions. I'm sure my boss will appreciate it! Thanks again! thumbs_up.gif
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