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Shipping Fondant Figures

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I made my sister a little fondant baby for her baby shower cake this weekend. She lives out of state so I can't be there.....

How would be the best way to package this and ship it?? Will that even work? I bonded it together using there somethign stronger I can use? Has anyone shipped something like this before?
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I know that is you go to a UPS store, they have all sorts of packaging products. I think they guarantee that it will not break if you let them package it. It might be costly but if you let them do this one for your sister, you can just by your own products in the future after you know what they use....
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You can buy bubble wrap and put it in a box, it should be fine if you pack it so it doesn't move around. I have used water too with the MMF and if it is dried long enough it should hold. You can also use royal icing or make a paste of the MMF to use.
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thanks ya'll.....I was thinking...if the package gets left outsideuntil she gets home from you think the fondant will be ok?? I will wrap it in bubble wrap and box it inside the mailing box(in other words a box in a box)
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icon_surprised.gificon_surprised.gificon_surprised.gif OH MY.....Im in I was worrying about the heat if the package gets left out...but I just checked the weather in my sisters area.....ITS SNOWING THERE!!! ..... icon_lol.gif so I guess I need to worry abou tit getting wet instead!! icon_confused.gif
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You can use piping gel to bond it together and I would think if you bubble wrapped it it would be ok, I have never done it myself, but just make it as breakable on package... icon_rolleyes.gif
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Never thought about it being left outside here in canada they don't leave it at the house you have to go pick it up.... You could find out how much to courier it to the house or have it sent to her work then you know it will get to her.
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