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1/2 white, 1/2 chocolate

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Hello cake decorators, could someone please tell me how to do a half white and half chocolate cake using just one pan. I will be using a 9x13 pan, thanks so much irisinbloom
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well I have done this same thing...and in fact just made a post about it in another forum.....I had my husband pour one batter as I poured the other, and as it baked I would turn the cake so that one flavor didnt bake more then the other and didnt burn. Choc does bake faster and higher then other flavors. Now if you dont do it the way I did I know others use cardboard covered with foil as a divider and once both flavors are in slowly pulled out the divider.... I thought if I did this again I would do it that way, but I would also think about doing 2 square cakes and putting them together under one frosted top, that might be easier for me.
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I tried it with a half sheet cake using the divider method. It worked good EXCEPT the chocolate rose higher then the yellow side did. They were both the same brand.

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Thanks for the tips, I am going to try this today and see what happens. Irisinbloom
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I put the white cake batter in the pan but not quite to the 1/2 then I put the chocolate in I do not use a divider the chocolate fills a little over 1/2 the pan this way they bake fairly evenly

I do not worry about a perfectly straight line but it is close. Those are the favored slices at dh work!
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