Rainbow Trout Cake


This is my first attempt at such a cake. The trout is rice crispy treats with a wire armature, covered in fondant and airbrushed with food coloring. I made the fins from fondant rolled thin, cut out in the shape of fins, textured the 'rays' in, and painted. The eyes are fondant as well. The dragonfly is fondant with gel wings, all painted with food color. It has tiny wire antennae and legs.

The water splash is made from isomalt, which I melted and poured over crushed ice. I then broke it into splash shapes and 'glued' it with isomalt.

The cattails are fondant over rice crispy and put on wood dowels. Leaves are fondant with thin wire partway up. The 'duck weed' is fondant as well.

The cake part is airbrushed first, then I hand painted an underwater scent, with fish and plants. I next piped the plants, to give it dimension.

The little crayfish, aka crawdads, were made from fondant as well.

The base is covered with fondant and textured with a rock pattern, then airbrushed.

I would make some changes on my next one, but was pretty happy at this first attempt. I'd not used isomalt or gel before. I've only been decorating cakes for a short time. Thanks for looking! Vicki =)

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