Mr. Rudolf Fruit Cake

Mr. Rudolf Fruit Cake on Cake Central

I have been a naughty girl - I have made some more cakes at last, but have not put them on cake central yet!!! Sorry, everybody, it's because of blooming Facebook, once I have put the pics on there, I forget to upload them elsewhere... I will better myself! Anyway, this cake was for Claudia and her family, my "boss" and owner of TortenBoutique, where I now work. She still hasn't eaten it! I may have to force feed her.... I do hate it, when people say "it's too lovely to eat!" I want to shout back "eat it! I spent HOURS slaving over it!" Take a picture or ten, stroke it, kiss it for all I care, but blooming well eat it!!!!! Ok, rant over.... hope you like ;o)