Dungeons & Dragons Meets My Little Pony

Dungeons & Dragons Meets My Little Pony on Cake Central

For the past couple months I'd been trying to get my son to make up his mind what theme he wanted for his 18th birthday cake. When he drew a blank I threatened to make him a My Little Pony. Finally, a week before his birthday he decided on a monster from Dungeons and Dragons. By that time I was seriously considering really making him a My Little Pony cake. I decided on a compromise: a D&D monster being slayed by a pony.

This was my first time using an airbrush to paint a cake. Not a horrible job, but I wish I'd practiced more first. I don't have a good feel for for flow rate and haven't figured out fine lines. Also I made an error in scale, and consequently lacked either a cake board large enough to accommodate the cake or enough fondant to cover it, so it had to be presented on the butcher paper.

Vegan chocolate with fondant and gum paste