Our Family Valentines

Our Family Valentines on Cake Central

I made this cake for Valentines day for my family. Valentines day is very special because its not only Valentines Day but it is our Anniversary. I consider Valentines day my lucky day because that is not only the day that my husband proposed but it is also the day we got married. After having to .cancel our wedding more then once due to circumstances, Jackastors was having a special get married for $2 on Valentines after some laughing about the idea we kind of fell in love with it so we got married 2 weeks later . This will be our 4th year of marriage and I cant be happier. I have to add I would have never went to Jackastors that day if my best friends move had not been postponed, She took me out to lunch because I was going to help her but she could not move that day due to her own set of circumstances.