Spool Of Thread With MMF

Spools of thread. NFSC with MMF "thread". TFL


FromScratch Says... 7 years ago

Oooooh how marvelously tedious looking! I bet they took a long time to do but they are very nice! :)

SpringFlour Says... 7 years ago

Holy Cow! Surely you used an extruder?!?!

JudyDP Says... 7 years ago

:lol: Yes, I used an extruder! I had planned on doing them all like this, but my hand wore out so quickly! It took too much pressure to get the MMF through the little holes! I could only do one dozen like this and had to switch to the other design. Thanks for your kind comments.

DoniB Says... 7 years ago

these are wonderful! I'm a string geek... these are perfect! I know what to take to my next string gathering! :)

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