Mini Cakes

i'm probably never going to do these again, they were way too much work! 54 mini tiered cakes for a wedding. the bride wanted to have two on each table. iced in lime green BC with dark pink swirls. matches the cutting cake photo i posted. my dh helped me decorate these. thanks for looking all comments appreciated!


Wendoger Says... 7 years ago

oh man...just like ya said, waayyy too much work! They look awesome...just toooo much!!!

alicegop Says... 7 years ago

Sooo cute! what did you use for the cake bases?

all4cake Says... 7 years ago

I think they are cute as can be. You and your DH did a wonderful job!

beccakelly Says... 7 years ago

thanks! on the bases i used 8" cake drums and covered them with lime green paper and contact paper. then wrapped pink ribbon around the bottom.

MelandAva Says... 7 years ago

they look fantastic!!! lots of work but i am sure it was well appreciated!!!! :D

Solecito Says... 7 years ago

OMG! They are so cute!!! What size are they? They look so small.

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