Labradoodle Cake

The breeder of my Labradoodles came to the USA for a visit at my home, and I made this cake for the celebration. It is a white cake base with a spice cake dog. The icing is all buttercream, with buttercream filling. Thank you Cake Central for the idea.


ac2steachk Says... 7 years ago

Great job. That looks like a lot of icing.

Niserise Says... 7 years ago

It seems like a lot of icing, but with careful carving, it doesn't take much more than a "regular" cake. Once the carving was done, the decorating only took about 30 minutes.

Niserise Says... 7 years ago

Hi Mishcka, I found a tutorial here on Cake Central for the shape of the cake. The frosting was applied using a "grass" tip, #233 from Wilton. It has many holes in it and the icing comes out like hair or grass. You will probably have to thin the icing out a little so it has an even flow.

Mishcka Says... 7 years ago

I love this cake. How do you make the frosting look like the hair? What technique did you use? I would love to make this for my soon to be 6 yr. old

Mishcka Says... 7 years ago

Thank you so very much. Your cake is so cute. What a great idea!

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