Baby Shower Gift Box

I made this for a baby shower for one of the teachers at my dd's preschool. This was my first attempt at constructing a gift box cake with the lid propped up. I'm pretty happy with the results and the cake was the hit of the shower. Inspiration for the design came from so many beautiful cakes here on CC. Thanks! Iced in buttercream with fondant accents, gumpaste booties and bow.


ps3884 Says... 7 years ago

Looking back at the picture, I wish I had gotten the icing smoother. Oh well.

vibekekc Says... 7 years ago

so cute og fine... :)

JenniferL Says... 7 years ago

It looks great! Your bow is perfect!

fiddlesticks Says... 7 years ago

great cake ! Bow & booties are perfect ! :)

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