My First Pillow Cakes

okay, I know you think I'm a doofus for putting food on top of a pillow cake! This was for my daughter's dinner party. she was serving various hors-douvres. The plate of goodies on top are all made of fondant.


Diesel Says... 7 years ago

what a cute cake and great job on your first 'pillow' cake!

korensmommy Says... 7 years ago

I love the sushi, wasabi & ginger, very realistic!

Bunniefluf Says... 7 years ago

This is a hoot!! I love it!! I wouldn't say "doofus", but definitely funny and unique!! :lol: I don't know what makes me smile more...the sushi, the cubed cheese, or the meatballs!!!! :lol: Fabulous realism!! :D

ruthberry Says... 7 years ago

aaaaaaaaah, Bunnie!! you "got" the meatballs!! everyone said, "what's that?" when they got to the meatballs. I love the cheese - it looks so real! Diesel, thank you! I had fun with it, but it turned out floppier than I wanted. I'll try again soon! Koren's Mommy - I LOVED the sushi too! thanks! I forgot the seaweed paper after I finished, but I left it. I was laughing when I did that, because we all go eat sushi together. Thank you for the positive comments!

judcreations Says... 7 years ago

nicely done for a first time.

Curtsmin24 Says... 7 years ago

Some people may not know but back in the day servents used pillows to serve royalty!!! At least that's what I think :? but if i'm wrong, oh well I would have said it anyway! :D Maybe I saw it in a disney movie. Oh well, nice I really like the whole thing and those pillows look wonderful! They are glistening so nice I might have to put my sunglasses on 8) Sweet!!!!

mgdqueen Says... 7 years ago

This is really cute and unique! I totally agree about the servants using pillows to serve royalty-that's how it looks to me!! Great job!

nanahaley Says... 7 years ago

Great job!!! I love the food on top and I love the texture on the plate. The pillows look like satin.

mcmahon Says... 7 years ago

This reminds me of being on a cruise, the staff re-does your bed and fluffs your pillows every day, and leave candies on the pillow! I Love it! The colors are sooooo rich!!!!

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