Pink Purse

Critique Subgroup Member: Purse cake covered in fondant


practiceandpatience Says... 7 years ago

critique subgroup member: Great cake. There are so many purse cakes out there right now, but this is fresh new design I haven't seen before. I like it. The only thing for me, is that the balls for the handles appear a bit large. Now this is just me, but I think smaller balls would have given a bit more delicate look to go with the rest of the cake. but love this design

jadak Says... 7 years ago

critique subgroup member: I agree that the balls for the strap are a little large and take away from the design a bit. I can see the seam in the bottom corner, which you could maybe cover with something placed on the board. The fondant looks a little cracked in areas. I do like the subtle design on the purse and the shape looks good.

cocakedecorator Says... 7 years ago

critique group member i agree this is a fresh design for the purse cake. I also agree with everone about the handle being a bit large. Lovely job!

Daisys_Cakes Says... 7 years ago

Critique group member: Oh how pretty! I love the colors! Critique wise I agree that the handles are to big for this cake (that kind of dwarf it), also I see a lot of "pits" in the fondant. I think it also would have been better if you had drawn the design slightly darker so you could see it better.

sylly Says... 7 years ago

critique subgroup member: I thought it was bc at first because of the small pits in the fondant, but I agree that this is a great fresh design compared to the other purse cakes. The handles are a bit big and could have maybe just a little more detail where they meet at the purse. Your zipper and the designs around it are just fabulous!

aundron Says... 7 years ago

Critique Group Member: This is so cute and different!! Love the zipper and the buttons!! I will agree with practice; think the ball handles should have been smaller and maybe a soft pink cake board, but that's me being picky!! :D You guys have got me looking at every cakeboard now!! :lol:

tiptop57 Says... 7 years ago

Critique subgroup member: I bet the recipient was thrilled. Lovely color, fresh new design. Did you use MMF? or was this store bought? Because the fondant is not smooth so I'm thinking it is a product problem. Fun stencil!

Tramski Says... 7 years ago

It was MMF and I struggled with it the whole time.

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