Construction Cookies

These are a few of the cookies I made for my son's 2nd birthday party. They are NFSC with Toba's glace and a dark chocolate cookie, also with Toba's glace. Not the best job and I couldn't find any pictures of other dump truck cookies so I just kind of freehanded it. The "2" and the construction cone were hand cut because I didn't have a cutter, so they are a bit rough. All in all, I think they turned out okay. But I think I'll invest in the cookie cutters next time. :) Thanks for looking!


Rosie2 Says... 7 years ago

To me they look beautiful!! how did you manage to keep the shape? when I bake my cookies they rise and loose the shape :( yours looks perfectly even and flat, great job!

erinalicia Says... 7 years ago

Thanks for the compliment! Actually the NFSC are my 3rd batch. The first 2 gave me fits spreading and then I didn't add baking soda to the second one and they were like rocks. The chocolate ones are great, they didn't spread at all.

cakes21 Says... 7 years ago

I think that they turned out great.

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