Giant Dreidel And Gelt Cookies

This idea came from MystiqueFire, who was gracious enough to let me copy her!! NFSC and Toba's glaze. This was made for a Chanukah Party.

Giant Dreidel And Gelt Cookies on Cake Central

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This is awesome!!!! I wish is would have seen your cookies before I did cupcakes for the Temple after Friday night service! Love the detail on the dreidel


I thought so too at first, mezzaluna. Actually because the coins made after the war were minted with the menorah from the Temple on it they only have 7 branches instead of the Hanukkiah's 9. If you look at any gelt you have you will see what I mean. :D


Thank you MystiqueFire, but I definitely disagree. I love your hebrew letters and mine are just very basic. I didn't have time to do a transfer and I knew I couldn't freehand the ornate letters! Anyway, thank you, I was very happy with how it came out! :)

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