50th Birthday Treat

Got this idea from jamjentyler (Thanks so much!!). Hated to duplicate so closely but the customer was turning 50 and her one request was that the cake say "Aged to Perfection" . My thoughts immediately went to wine. The bottle is made out of fondant that I rolled out thin & molded over a wine bottle and let dry. Label I made up and printed off the computer. Grapes are also made from fondant.


vickymacd Says... 8 years ago

This cake is perfection! Great job and I'm sure they loved it!

shortNsweet Says... 8 years ago

WOW! What an amazing cake! I'm going to be 50 soon...do you want to send me one!?...lol...I'd be SO excited if someone made me a cake like this!

nhbaker Says... 8 years ago

shortnsweet - funny you said that - the woman I made it for didn't want to cut the cake and by the time she did almost all the guest have left. In fact, someone called me at midnight to ask how they could preserve the bottle!! (Yes, they were friends of mine but still-midnight???!!!)

Erika513x2 Says... 8 years ago

the colors are so perfect for this theme, even the icing...

THESUGARCOW Says... 8 years ago

:lol: great idea nice job

THESUGARCOW Says... 8 years ago

can you share what colors did you use to make those wine colors pm if posible please love it! :oops:

nhbaker Says... 8 years ago

i used wilton burgandy and black and just kept adding a little at a time until I got the color I wanted

itsasweetthing Says... 8 years ago

Amazing! Wish I had seen this a few days ago for the party I am having this weekend.Next time!

mzperk Says... 8 years ago

This is so awesome!!!! I am speechless!!

vitomiriam Says... 8 years ago


jules2222 Says... 8 years ago

This is great! Beautiful job! You say you put fondant over a wine bottle & let it harden? So, is it hollow? Thanks, in advance. :wink: :roll:

nhbaker Says... 8 years ago

thanks for your kind words - This site is so good for my ego!!

nhbaker Says... 8 years ago

To overed a wine bottle in Reynolds Non-stick foil and then laid it on its side (I put it on a slightly flattened paper towel cardboard core which kept it from rolling) covered 2/3 of the fat part of the bottle and all of the stem part and left the bottom open. I let it sit overnight (longer would have been better) and then slid the bottle out. --I left the foil attached to the fondant. I then balled up some more foil and put it inside of it to help retain the shape. Then I accented the top with a lighter c

nhbaker Says... 8 years ago

Sorry about previous message - I tried to copy in a reply I had already sent to someone and it got a bit messed up! Since I had a few questions on how I made this I thought I post it for you. (Though I don't know if I should be telling my secrets!! ...lol..)

nhbaker Says... 8 years ago

to finish the directions ... I accented the top with a lighter colored, attached a bottom and the sent the whole thing (foil & all) on top of the cake) :D

MomLittr Says... 8 years ago

This is a perfect idea for my sister, who turns 50 next year and loves wine! Mind if I copy it (of course won't look as perfect as this)?

nhbaker Says... 8 years ago

seeing how I "borrowed" the idea from someone else; sure, have at it!

Schmulie65 Says... 7 years ago

I love your cake. How did you do the label?

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