Jessica's Birthday Purse

This is my first attempt at making a purse. Thank you to tracie0011 for all her help. Without her I wouldn't have made it through partly sane. (still looking for marbles... let me know if you've seen them). I didnt get to do all the detail I would have liked (ie making the tissue/hankerchief more formed) *sigh* lesson lerned... leave more time for the little stuff. Believe it or not it did have stitching...lots of it, but the camera didnt pick that up. Also the brown back ground had a canvas texture


tye Says... 7 years ago


Copacabanya Says... 7 years ago

I think it looks awesome! You did a great job. Maybe I'll find the guts to try this eventually. :wink: You should be proud of this one!

pinkbox Says... 7 years ago

Thank you... the cake itself wasnt the hard part... it was those darn C's haha Copacabanya when you get brave enough Im happy to asisst.

kimm Says... 7 years ago

nice job! im planning to make my 1st purse cake can you please send me instruction

psatin Says... 7 years ago

This is nice my daughter loves coach!! :D

howie Says... 7 years ago

could you please email me or pm me with how you did this. I have to do one this weekend. thanks soo much!!!

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