Grandad's House

I made this cake for my FIL's 91st birthday--it is a replica of the house that my DH and his 8 silbings were raised in. I had so much fun making it and the family LOVED it! Choc. cake with BC filling covered in fondant with fondant accents; used RCT for brick walls/chimneys


indydebi Says... 8 years ago

what an incredible piece of work! Wonderful! I can't imagine the time it took you.

formerbuckeye Says... 8 years ago

It is so cute! No wonder they loved it. You did a great job.

icing_fever Says... 8 years ago

yowza! At first I thought it was a gingerbread house.... to find out it's AMAZING! You nailed it that is so cool!!!

vickymacd Says... 8 years ago

What a lot of work and how wonderful it turned out! I bet this was a present for all of them!

khoudek Says... 8 years ago

Wow! Wonderful job with all the details!!!! Must have taken awhile to complete!!!!

Jazz2U Says... 8 years ago

That came out great!

kalida Says... 7 years ago

8O Whoa Great cake hope you had fun making it. It looks like it sure would take a longggg time :lol: :)

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