Apple Sugar Sculpture Blowing

My first blown sugar sculpture! I was able to get a nice large size. This was my 2nd try. The first one I touched with my finger and when I took my finger off a nice chunk of the outside came with it!! I was upset, but I took a deep breath and gave it another try this one came out just as good.


manders Says... 8 years ago

wow looks great. did you take a class i want to try but am alittle scared

LauraS Says... 8 years ago

wow, that is great.

Strazle Says... 8 years ago


pbjoachim Says... 8 years ago

Thanks! I didn't take a class... I just dove right into it! It's going to take lots of practice! :D

Asliceofcake Says... 8 years ago

What did you use to blow it? This is amazing. Tutorial, please!!!!

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