Clothesline Cake Side View


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I LOVE this cake!! I'm looking to make one similar but I was planning to put the clotheslines on the sides of the cake. How did you make the little birds? It adds such a pretty touch. Also what tip did you use for the grass? Thanks for all your help!!! :D


Michila....I made the birds freehanded from fondant, I formed the body's with the tail, and then made the heads via tiny balls rolled in the palm of my hand and then made tiny balls and pushed em flat and formed into teardrop shaped wings, I used a toothpick to gentle make the wing feathers along the edge of the wings..then I applied all the pieces together,let dry,dotted the eyes with a food color marker and used the #1 tip with yellow icing and just barley touched the birds face to form the beak...You...

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