$2 A Slice For Wedding Cake...

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mami2sweeties Posted 24 Oct 2005 , 8:06pm
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This is what our local bakery charges for wedding cake. I live in the south and cost of living is much lower. Maybe that is why this is the charge but goodness that is a low price compared to what I see here on CC.

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cakebybek Posted 24 Oct 2005 , 8:14pm
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HI there I live in Mich. and the local bakery here charges anywhere from 2.00-4.50 depending on what you have, so I would guess that is a fair price, but if it was me again depending on how much detail goes into it charge according to detail and time.

okieinalaska Posted 24 Oct 2005 , 8:38pm
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But the $2.00 a slice could be for a very basic cake. I am sure it goes up the more detailed the cake. Did you ask about that?

bubblezmom Posted 24 Oct 2005 , 10:59pm
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I know! I got serious sticker shock when I heard how much some people charge. Some people must either live in areas with a very high cost of living or no bakeries. $2 slice gets you a wedding cake in Indiana. $5 slice gets ya one of those fancy new york style cakes. icon_smile.gif Here, anything over $5 and your just paying for bragging rights,"yes, my cake is being done by the trendy baker of the year." icon_razz.gif

Fondant costs more but really isn't the norm here. We're simple folk. icon_biggrin.gif

peacockplace Posted 24 Oct 2005 , 11:37pm
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That's pretty much a going rate here. Sadly. Hubby wishes I could charge $10 a serving like in NY. I upped my rate to $3 and some poeple think that's crazy!

ncdessertdiva Posted 25 Oct 2005 , 12:51am
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I'm in the South, too, and I've seen at least 2.75/slice or more on some websites. A shop in Greenville, NC charges $3.75/slice.

IHATEFONDANT Posted 25 Oct 2005 , 12:54am
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It does depend upon your area....doesn't seem fair that some put just as much work into a cake as others but get much less for their work due to the area they are in. Guess it just comes down to economics.

The Disney Wedding Cake I just did was charged out at 3.50 per slice due to the sugarpaste work.

ellepal Posted 25 Oct 2005 , 1:00am
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I know in my part of Ohio, the cost of living and the cost of production is very low. Most people don't want to pay more than 1.50/slice, and ironically, most people don't want fondant either. The bakers who use it on their cakes put the wilton brand, so fondant has gotten a bad rap because the wilton tastes so bad. That is why I decided to keep my prices within reason, and to make my own fondant: it's cheaper and tastes so much better!

DiH Posted 25 Oct 2005 , 1:49pm
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Just last weekend my Iowa girlfriend attended her neice's wedding. Wedding cake for 300 guests... $300 total. icon_surprised.gifthumbsdown.gif

Did anyone read the article (Stories of Success) in the new issue of American Cake Decorating... about Debra Bachert/NY? Quoting her on pricing --


"As prices are concerned, a wedding cake at Celebration Cakes will cost $3.75 per slice of buttercream, and $4.75 per slice of rolled fondant. This includes everything, as well as delivery and set up. However, it does not include fresh flowers. Debra says other bakers in the area start at $2.75 per slice, but many of them add 10 percent for buttercream piping, and other charges for more specific decorations. Using this formula, she has grossed almost $25,000 this year, part-time."

Interesting strategy, no?

cakebybek Posted 25 Oct 2005 , 2:01pm
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Interesting yes very!!

mami2sweeties Posted 27 Oct 2005 , 9:09pm
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When I saw the $2 a slice price. I was surprised because I saw the price higher here at CC and other places. It is hard to beat that priced. This cake shop did my wedding cake. It was very simple when I have looked at the picture. Height really makes a cake look fancy. I guess hindsight never pays. The cake was on pillars and was white with burgundy scallops with burgundy roses on the top. I did have a fountain at the bottom with fresh flowers. The cake itself was not real elaborate. All buttercream too. The cake itself was wonderful. She makes a great cream cheese pound cake. It is just delish! So I feel I got my monies worth.

Kitagrl Posted 8 Nov 2005 , 5:14am
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When I lived in SC it was very hard to get enough money to be worth my time...up here near Philly I am able to raise my prices because of cost of living.

However the bakeries here vary widely. One bakery started basic wedding cakes at $1.50 and up....another STARTED at $4.00!!!! My basic ones start at $2.00 but go up depending on work.

gilson6 Posted 8 Nov 2005 , 11:55am
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I live just outside Houston and we charge $1.50 a slice or $2.00 a slice with filling. I'm in a small town so it might be higher in downtown Houston. We can't get anyone to pay more than that. I hear the standard reply -- "well, Wal-Mart/Kroger would only charge ____." You know my reply to that!!! Go to Wal-Mart/Kroger!!!

mywifesDH Posted 8 Nov 2005 , 12:13pm
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We can't get anyone to pay more than that. I hear the standard reply -- "well, Wal-Mart/Kroger would only charge ____." You know my reply to that!!! Go to Wal-Mart/Kroger!!!

Right away now this reminds me of a true story::::

There was a lady that wanted to buy some hamburger from a corner grocery store. When she heard the price of $2.59 per pound, she complained that the giant Wal-Mart that is three miles out of town only charges $1.79 per pound. The store owner said, "well then why don't you buy it from wal-Mart???"

She said, "Well they are all out of this particular variety."

He said, "Well, when I'm out of it, the price is only $1.49 per pound."


Mac Posted 8 Nov 2005 , 12:52pm
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I have Walmart's telephone number memorized and give it to them when I hear "Wal-mart can do it for _____." I also tell them (As someone else has as their signature on here at CC) "Good cakes don't come cheap and cheap cakes don't taste good."

tirby Posted 9 Nov 2005 , 6:27pm
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I live in Idaho in a mid size town (for Idaho) 2.00 a slice Max. People can and will go for the less expensive here. In Idaho MOST people don't care to impress. Just FEED.

candyladyhelen Posted 11 Nov 2005 , 12:39am
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I live in North Carolina, right near the SC border, near Myrtle Beach. I charge $3.00 per person. For a basic cake. No problem getting it.

mamafrogcakes Posted 11 Nov 2005 , 8:15am
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This post came along at a great time for me. A girl at my husband's work asked him about me doing her wedding cake later in 2006. The wedding is for 350 people. When I told her $2.00 she had a cow! icon_eek.gif What was her response?? No---not the "I'll go to Walmart", it was "wow, that's alot, maybe I'll just make it myself!?" icon_confused.gif Excuse me???? You go right ahead lady!!!! She's nuts! I told my husband that she could just help herself and that sure is a lot of canned frosting! She better get it on sale during the holidays!
I can understand wanting to make your own cake but not one to feed 350 people!?!

Kitagrl Posted 11 Nov 2005 , 2:28pm
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ROFL! $2/serving is nothing for wedding cake these days!!! That is like for a regular plain iced cake with some flowers on top! I don't understand people these days...

I could go onto my soapbox about America's welfare mentality but I won't. icon_biggrin.gif

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