Where And How Long To Store Mmf Cake

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lizzyf Posted 31 Oct 2015 , 6:00am
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Hi! Novice cake decorator here... I'm attempting to make a fondant cake for my son's birthday and have a few questions:

I'm making Wacky Cake (due to milk & egg allergies) with a Vegan Buttercream (using Earth Balance Baking Sticks, solid coconut oil and icing sugar) and MMF.

1. I would like to bake and decorate this cake a few days in advance if possible because I have a bunch of other things to get ready the day or 2 before. How long in advance can I safely store this cake?

2. I've read that you can and can't store fondant in the fridge... does anyone have experience with storing MMF in the fridge? Or should I just store it at room temp?

3. Should I refrigerate the cake for a while after icing it and before covering with fondant? Or do you just cover with fondant when the icing is soft?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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lizzyf Posted 2 Nov 2015 , 3:57am
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lizzyf Posted 4 Nov 2015 , 2:12am
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Can anyone help me with this please?

julia1812 Posted 4 Nov 2015 , 3:12am
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I've used mmf every now and then. I almost  always put mmf on cold cake (stiff icing) and also refrigerate the covered cake. I find it sweats much more than my regular fondant when it comes to room temperature.  
Have a look at the link above...

shelby10 Posted 4 Nov 2015 , 3:34am
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I once stored two, two tiered cakes in fridge both covered with MMF and decorated.. Well the next day they started sweating so bad, I had red and black running down the cake (fondant decor was red and Black).. But it was also a very humid day..  The only other time I refridgerated a MMf covered cake it was not decorated, it did sweat some but was fine after a hour or so..

lizzyf Posted 4 Nov 2015 , 3:52am
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Thanks so much! julia1812, that link has great info! This cake is jungle themed with a lot of different colors, so I think maybe I should not refrigerate just in case the colors sweat.

So, If I'm just using a non-dairy buttercream icing (no additional fillings) under the fondant, I should be able to leave it out on the counter for a day or 2, correct? I was thinking of baking and icing it on Thurs, covering in fondant and applying fondant decorations on Fri, and serving it on Sat... sound ok?

AmberNada Posted 4 Nov 2015 , 4:07am
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I never refrigerate a cake once it has fondant on it.  I learned the hard way that it will sweat.  Besides chilling my cakes for cutting and icing I actually don't refrigerate them at all.  I make them within 3 days of being eaten and have never had a problem.

lizzyf Posted 4 Nov 2015 , 4:15am
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Wonderful... thank you!! :)

mattyeatscakes Posted 4 Nov 2015 , 10:20pm
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i guess everyone has a different experience, probably due to the weather and humidity of their location.  Because I only use MMF and refrigerate my cakes overnight and have not had a problem with condensation or sweating.  Just lucky i guess? I live in Canada though. Gosh, now that i jinxed myself.... eeeck!

AmberNada Posted 4 Nov 2015 , 10:28pm
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I bet you're right.  I live in Texas and the humidity here is just awful  

Brookebakescake Posted 5 Nov 2015 , 12:39am
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I always refrigerate, with MMF, and have never had a problem with overwhelming sweating. And I feel better during transport knowing that the cake is chilled and sturdier.

lizzyf Posted 5 Nov 2015 , 2:49am
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Ok, thanks all! I'm in Sask, Canada and the humidity isn't bad here at all, so maybe it would be fine to refrigerate. But If its safe to leave it out I'll prob just do that since I don't need to transport it. I really appreciate all the advice! :)

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