Friday Night Cake Club For 6/26/15

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catlharper Posted 27 Jun 2015 , 4:03am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if they can!


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catlharper Posted 27 Jun 2015 , 4:06am
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Hi everyone!  I'm over in the Monterey area again this week and am happy to say WE FOUND A HOUSE!!! For those who don't know, we've been trying to find a home to buy for about 6 months now and have not be successful due to the incredibly low inventory here. SO our oldest daughter got the idea that since she was just graduating school and wants to live in the same area with her daughter that we could rent a home together while we continue to look for a home to buy. This all sounded great but we couldn't find a home to rent either! UGH! Well, this week we DID! We move the 17th so there will be no FNCC that night! It's an older 4 bedroom/2bath with a HUGE back yard just about a half mile from my son's preferred high school.  I'm so excited I just can't wait!  

Anyways, that's my week. How did yours go?


Pastrybaglady Posted 27 Jun 2015 , 7:42am
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Hey congrats on the house!  The whole finding a house is so stressful, when I Iook back at what we went through... agh!  But it all worked out and we continue to live the dream :)  Just had cupcakes for a wedding reception on which the client will put pictures of the couple and a small cake on which she will put a bobblehead representation of the couple.  Won't have pictures till tomorrow.

catlharper Posted 28 Jun 2015 , 5:10am
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I was hoping to see photos by now but I'll try to be patient! LOL! @Pastrybaglady We went over to the new house tonight to take measurements...trying to figure out what will go where. We are just SO happy to be moving to the ocean! Of course this is like flying to can't wait to get there but there is a lot you have to go through before you land. I am already about halfway packed but the other half awaits! UGH! LOL!


Pastrybaglady Posted 28 Jun 2015 , 5:48am
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I know what you mean, but it won't be long and then the work of unpacking and arranging.  I'm weird, I like that part!

Here's the link to the picture:

The bobblehead couple was pretty funny.

Webake2gether Posted 28 Jun 2015 , 4:17pm
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@Pastrybaglady- That couple looks like they were super fun to work with!!!

We made a cake this weekend for my husband to try a quilted pattern and he did great!!! I would love to post pictures but for some reason I'm insecure :( There are so many talented bakers on here and it makes me nervous lol. 

Pastrybaglady Posted 29 Jun 2015 , 9:02am
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@Webake2gether, you do great work!  Let's see it :)

Webake2gether Posted 29 Jun 2015 , 12:11pm
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I can't take credit for the look of the cake that's all my husband's work :) I'm the baker he's the decorator when it comes to cakes. I do all the decorating for cookies and cupcakes though.  Here is the link it was easier than uploading on cc I have to email the picture to myself then upload it to cc from my laptop. Too much work lol.

Webake2gether Posted 29 Jun 2015 , 12:21pm
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Also just a side not for anyone who goes to our page. We don't operate as a business we just aren't able to change the page from listing us as a bakery and we can't even change the name to remove the "company" part or else we would :( 

We created the page then we became aware of the steps we needed to take in order to operate legally thankfully before we did anything illegal :) The health dept. lady frequently checks out our page to see our work and I talk to her often. I just want to be transparent bc I'm always telling people to do it legally and don't want the page to be misleading. If anyone knows how to change facebook pages please tell me bc I've not figured it out. 

catlharper Posted 29 Jun 2015 , 3:03pm
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@Pastrybaglady OMG...those are SOOOO funny! I love their sense of humor and how it all turned out!

@Webake2gether The cake is lovely. I like the color combinations. MUCH better execution of the quilted pattern than MY first try! Please try not to be too insecure when it comes to posting photos here. We ALL started out somewhere as beginners. Many of us just started out a long time ago (in my case a LONG, long, long time ago) and have had a lot of practice. 

As for Facebook. As far as I know you would have to delete your page and start all over again. SIGH. Not easy.


Pastrybaglady Posted 29 Jun 2015 , 4:05pm
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Very nice work as I thought it would be :) You and hubby are such a great team!

Yeah, facebook very tricky.  You should be able to shut it down as we've seen cake stealers shut down, or you just change your settings to private so no one has access to your page.

Webake2gether Posted 29 Jun 2015 , 4:17pm
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Thanks ladies!!! We kind of just went with what we had on hand for colors (edible pearls) :) I really want him to learn to do that pretty little pearl/beading type border but I might have to learn to do it if I ever want to see it on one of our cakes lol. As far as the FB page we talked to the health dept. and she said don't delete it and lose the following you've got. Because we cooperate and post from time to time that we aren't accepting orders and we are not a licensed and inspected bakery yet that she is totally ok with how it is. 

Im going to buy an airbrushing kit for him because he is a true artist and I would love to see what he can do plus there aren't any bakers here that offer airbrushing so that could be what sets us apart!! And congrats on the house!! We are currently on the market but no bites so we are thinking of pulling it off and putting a kitchen in my current house all sooo stressful sometimes. 

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