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CatPoet Posted 4 Jun 2015 , 6:06pm
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Well that is the style I call my baking.   I use a minimum of  artificial colours and  artificial  flavourings in my cakes  and  nearly no sugar paste.  Why?

Here are my reason.

1. I grew up in Sweden when artificial  colours in food  was banned, it was lifted when we joined EU but most people  thought the brightness was weird and also the flavour. In 2003  EU banned most of the colours that had been banned in Sweden before.  So I use  less bright  natural food colourings if I use them at all.  Sometimes  a candy or two  with them slips through.

2. I am not used to artificial flavouring in baked goods and I can taste them and it taste very weird, not like the real thing.  I do use almond oil and almond extract because I have  small child and bitter almonds and kids isnt a good combo.

3. I can get ill from  both flavourings and  food colours,  yeah it sucks, there is very few candy I can eat and sadly chocolate doesn't agree with me either. *sigh* Life sucks when it comes to that.

4.  I have to many friends  with allergies and medicines and diet that doesn't  suit  high flavoured , bright cakes, or just most things sweet or savoury.  I become  good at making  treats even for those  who cant have sweets.  You should see my amazing sandwich cake, yes made with savoury sandwiches.

5. Sugar paste cost and arm and a leg here. We mostly  use almond paste to cover cake here , which has also become expensive.  I can get 200 gram of sugar paste for the same price  as  1 kilo pork mince and also I am not used to the texture and flavour and so are most of my friends.

So will my drab cake fit in here?  

I can make  amazing allergy friendly cakes but no rainbows.

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Pastrybaglady Posted 4 Jun 2015 , 8:10pm
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Are you a hobby baker or do you sell?  What matters is what the people you make your cakes for think.  Muted tones can be gorgeous, it's more about the composition, creativity and skill of the baker.  Post some pictures, I'd love to see what you do!

CatherineGeorge Posted 4 Jun 2015 , 8:23pm
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This is one thing I like about fondant over buttercream. The colors/chemicals can stay in a thin, easily avoidable layer on the outside. The idea of a big mouthful of bright red buttercream makes me cringe a little. But I don't forgo colors altogether. 

CatPoet Posted 4 Jun 2015 , 8:34pm
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Oh I so wish  I was a professional baker  but my  body betrays me.  I have a muscle disease that tires me out easily and makes me shake bit sometimes.   I am great on wobbly lines.  ;) 

I only bake because for a few moments  I forget my pains and life become wonderful and then it comes back  and bites me in the rear, but it so worth it for those short moments of peace.

I did a miss on  my daughter´s second birthday cake and  bought green sugar paste instead of marzipan, that was horrible.

dkltll Posted 4 Jun 2015 , 8:51pm
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Welcome to CC and we all look forward to seeing the creations you make within the limitations you have listed. It is always refreshing to have a different point of view and you may become a frequent poster and expert on how to do things when a customer asks for a special diet item!!

CatPoet Posted 4 Jun 2015 , 8:54pm
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SInce I had a hard drive crash, I dont have  many pictures on this tiny hard drive.  I am just making do until my friends come and rescue me  and I pay them with cake and rye bread as always.

I can link if that is oki, I hope I dont break any rules by doing  so, if I do  I'm sorry.

Snickeresque  cake,  shortbread biscuits,  caramel,  peanut butter butter cream, chocolate ganache and a mix of  salted and  honey roasted peanuts

Oscar the second cake, classic Swedish cake, that little cake serves 12 with no problem, it an really rich cake.

A white chocolate  polar bear on top of a  Guinness cake covered in Guinness ganche and smarties  ( the birthday guys favourite candy).

Lemon curd mousse on top of a white chocolate brownie, covered in white chocolate ganche, the lemon curd mousse had a glaze on top, it oozed and people loved it.

CatPoet Posted 4 Jun 2015 , 8:57pm
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Dkitll: Limited, you should see how it is when all friends and brothers are here,  then it is egg free, gluten free, chocolate free, citrus free,  strawberry free, stone fruit, rapsberry, cloudberry and black berry free ,  milk free  cake that is on.  Oh and no beans or coffee . 

Yeah, I still manage to make a cake.


LeanneW Posted 5 Jun 2015 , 7:23pm
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@CatPoet welcome to Cake Central, your contribution is appreciated. We have members in more than 200 countries who range in experience and different taste. Thank you for sharing.


CatPoet Posted 5 Jun 2015 , 8:17pm
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leanneW is it ok to show the  savoury cakes I make?

LeanneW Posted 5 Jun 2015 , 8:25pm
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Photos in the gallery have to be decorated items. But you could start a conversation in the lounge about your non cake hobbies and include links to your savory creations.  Thanks for asking.

CatPoet Posted 5 Jun 2015 , 9:10pm
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Well the savoury cakes are decorated.  I can show you the dragon.

Is this decorated enough?

LeanneW Posted 5 Jun 2015 , 9:15pm
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Wow, that dragon is awesome,  but unfortunately it's not decorated cake,  cookies,  or sugarwork. I know we'd all like to hear more about your savory decorated projects in the lounge forum. 

CatPoet Posted 5 Jun 2015 , 9:20pm
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I will tell them.  In Sweden this is counted as a cake,  even though this one is filled with pastrami, roast beef, cucumber and ham. Yeah we are an odd bunch.

Oh well  on Sunday there will be cakes from me, 3 of them . Oh I just remembered I forgot to make the decorations for one. I hope I have time tomorrow, I cant  whisk and bake   Old fashion krokant in the middle of the night.

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