bjhjewels65 Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 8:25pm
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I usally use Betty Crocker but the last one I used Duncan Hines and someone made the comment it was there a secret that will keep your cake from being dry or a certain mix or ingredient? icon_sad.gif

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melissablack Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 8:30pm
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Was it overcooked? I haven't had a problem with a certain recipe/cake mix being too dry, just when I overcook them. In that case, you can brush it with a simple syrup and moisten it up. I don't have a recipe but maybe someone else can help more.

shelbur10 Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 8:30pm
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I always use DH with a box of pudding and an extra egg and have never had a problems. Some people just prefer different mixes, though.

parismom Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 8:30pm
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Some say adding applesauce instead of oil... but oil works too.... maybe it was baked too long?

grama_j Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 8:32pm
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Your heat may be to high when you are baking, or maybe your theromostat could be off.....
Personally, I substitute mayonaise for any oil that is called for, and it makes a really nice moist cake.....I get RAVES on my cakes, and no one can figure out why mine are "just a little different"........ try it .... what can you loose except a cake mix ? icon_wink.gif

parismom Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 8:34pm
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I didn't know you could add more ggs and pudding additionally... It doesn't interfere with the dynamic of the mix? You know how they always say there is nothing more precise than a baking recipe and only in 'cooking' can you add or take away... just wondering.

parismom Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 8:35pm
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Mayo? Everytime? What kind? The regular or the tangy stuff?

shelbur10 Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 8:41pm
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That's what I always thought, too, parismom. But it really works, and makes a DELICIOUS cake! There are also a lot of recipes for doctored cake mixes in the recipe section that I just love, especially the cake mix extender.

polliwawg Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 8:44pm
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I always use canola oil and bake my cakes slower...say on 300 degrees instead of also prevents the middle from rising as much....

patton78 Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 8:45pm

Yes, try the cake mix extender under the recipe section as well as the enhanced cake mix. I promise your cakes will never turn out dry again! I add sour cream, buttermilk, pure vanilla extract, a box of pudding, butter instead of oil... to name just a few when I want to "doctor" up my cake mixes and make them more moist as well as more like scratch. I do not like to add applesauce though because in my opinion, this results in a "wet" cake.

grama_j Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 9:24pm

" Mayo? Everytime? What kind? The regular or the tangy stuff?"

Yup.... every time..... no matter what kind of cake, or cake mix.... just the regular..... I'm old enough for social security, and I got that tip from my Mom, Bless her soul, so it goes back a LONG time..... You can't taste the mayo, it makes it a "little different".....and about a 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract.... You can't really taste that amount of almond either..... but again.... just a "little different"..... LOL

bjhjewels65 Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 9:32pm

Do you use the same amount mayo as oil?....I think it's a cup and a third of oil per mixes...I am can't wait to try this.

ShirleyW Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 9:32pm

I use simple syrups on every cake I make. It makes for a moister cake and it enhances the flavor of the filling. I level my cakes and brush the syrup on the cut surface with a pastry brush, just enough to moisten, not soaking. You can flavor the syrup in any flavor that compliments your filling.
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup water
Stir till boiling and sugar has dissolved, remove from heat and add flavoring
It only takes a few drops of extract, so be creful. Allow to cool to room temperature and brush on cakes.

I use lemon, orange, rum, coconut or my most requested which is 1 Tablespoon instant coffe granules added to the sugar and water, boiled and then add 1 Tablespoon Kahlua. Good on a white or chocolate cake filled with Kahlua Bavarian cream filling.

koolaidstains Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 9:33pm

My first guess would be that you overcooked it. Different mixes cook differently. I only use cooking times as guidelines. I check when there's still time to go and depending on where it's at keep checking every so often. I test with a skewer to if it's done. I can have the same exact mix (I doctor mine) in the same pan at the same temperature cook for a different amount of time on a different day. It doesn't vary a whole lot, but could be a 5-10 minute difference.

grama_j Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 10:03pm

" Do you use the same amount mayo as oil?....I think it's a cup and a third of oil per mixes...I am can't wait to try this."

I don't know what mixes you are using, but I just put a white D.H. cake in.... one box, and it calls for 2 TBS. of oil....... I think their chocolate is 1/3 C.......... Yes, just subsitute the exact same amout of Mayo for the oil....

patton78 Posted 27 Jan 2007 , 12:09am

Hmm, I never have heard of a box mix only calling for 2 TBS of oil. I guess I hardly ever use DH though...less oil, less fat icon_lol.gif

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