Friday Night Cake Club For 1/9/15

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catlharper Posted 10 Jan 2015 , 6:31am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC. Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if they can!



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catlharper Posted 10 Jan 2015 , 6:35am
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Sorry everyone for starting so late tonight. We had a memorial for a friend who died suddenly at age 47 today. So we had to travel out of town where we met up with our oldest who took her brother and nephew so the youngest daughter and hubby could attend with us. It was just a very hard day. Where the memorial was held is another 1.5 hours from our younger daughters house where we are spending the weekend so after the memorial and then dinner out with the family we made the drive and, honestly, after a very strong vodka and strawberry lemonade, I suddenly remembered I needed to be posting here. Did I mention it was a very hard day? 


No cake this week but am SOOOO looking forward to logging in here again tomorrow and seeing what you all have been working on this back to that lemonade...



Norasmom Posted 10 Jan 2015 , 7:18am
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Cat, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Losing a friend hurts, you have my condolences.



It is 2:15 am, I am just eating dinner now, some cottage cheese:grin:


I decided to only do cakes for friends, family and charity and go corporate again.  I now realize it was the right choice, I still love to bake  I am not young enough to stay up this late finishing a cake!   And my kitchen looks like a FEMA case…


I just finished a cake for a friend and it took awhile.  It is a very dear friend, though, so well worth the work.  

It's actually a cake designed to look like the product his company sells, a wireless transmitter.  I will post pictures tomorrow of the product and the cake.

MBalaska Posted 10 Jan 2015 , 8:07am
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Sorry for your loss Cat.  Only cookies in my kitchen this week.  Dressy ones with wafer paper that wore my piping hand out, & silly test cookies trying a new recipe for simple cookie mold that I bought and had to try out.


Christmas cookies, wafer paper santas, RI piped lace


cream cheese butter cookies with sanding sugar, non-pariels,

remnant3333 Posted 10 Jan 2015 , 5:18pm
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Sorry for your loss, Cat. My dad died a year ago suddenly. He was 87 years old and normally healthy as a horse. He had never been in the hospital a day in his life. I think about him every day. When people are sickly in and out of hospitals it comes as no surprise when they go home. It is a shocker when they have never been sick and go home suddenly or they get in an accident.  Just be comforted and know that they are now in a better place!!! I pray that God will comfort the family and give them peace beyond their understanding. 

cara1982 Posted 10 Jan 2015 , 7:00pm
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AAhh sorry to hear that Cat. I made some cupcakes for our vets. We decided to get a puppy last July, and by September found that he had hip dysplasia. The vets have been so lovely and helpful I decided to make some 'loki cupcakes' [IMG][/IMG] Sorry about the rubbish pic. I forgot to take a picture of the finished cupcakes

sha1col Posted 10 Jan 2015 , 7:21pm
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ACat, sorry for you loss.

This week were simple yellow cake, one Caramel and the other just vanilla BC with design. I'm still working on perfecting free hand designs, as they're not my strengths.

[ATTACHMENT=2071]image.jpg (2,073k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

[ATTACHMENT=2067]image.jpg (880k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

[ATTACHMENT=2069]image.jpg (840k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

sha1col Posted 10 Jan 2015 , 7:26pm
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ACat, sorry for you loss.

This week was simple yellow cakes Caramel and BC with design. I'm still working on perfecting free hand designs, as they're not my strengths.

Marian64 Posted 10 Jan 2015 , 11:27pm
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ASorry for your loss Cat.

No cakes for me.

Julia1812 love your cakes as always, especially the elephant on the ball.

Cara1982 I like your cupcake toppers. The emergency cake you fixed is amazing love the teapot and teacup.

Sha1col your freehand is looking good.

Happy baking

morganchampagne Posted 11 Jan 2015 , 12:37am
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A[@]MBalaska[/@] LOVE those cookies! They put me in the mind of a tea party! Cat, SO SORRY for your loss. Your family is in my prayers

Julia, I love that circus cake!! So adorable, my god daughter would love it!

I have been on glorious vacation since December 20! This was my first week back and I had just one wedding cake. I really enjoyed this one. Will have to do some editing (venue lighting Is awful) but I do have a shot! [IMG][/IMG]

Marian64 Posted 11 Jan 2015 , 3:06am
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AMorgan I love your cake. The cowboy boots are amazing.

Pastrybaglady Posted 11 Jan 2015 , 4:31am
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This is the simplest cake I've made in a really long time but it made me the most nervous! One of my husband's relatives bought it for a party for her grandaughter that I was invited to. It seriously stressed me out that all my husband's relatives knew I made the cake and it had been bought for them, but seemed like they sincerely liked it, phew!

mattyeatscakes Posted 11 Jan 2015 , 5:06am
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AI'm back! The holidays weren't too fun, the whole fam had the stomach flu. Then had couging and colds.. :( my poor babies lost so much weigh! So i am nursing them back with cake! Hehehe

Cat, sorry for your loss. My coworker, 34 yrs old and lives a healthy lifestyle, suffered cardiac arrest while watching UFC at Boston Pizza! He was put on life support :( Praise God he is better now, but they will be implanting a defibrillator inside him. Scary... That's why we always have to live our lives the best we can and love with all our hearts! :) Omgoodness! Everyone's cakes are so pretty!!! Julia, the circus cake is so cute! Cara, those are amazing! MB, love the cookies! Everyone is so talented! Pastry, sometimes the simpliest cake is the most diffucult. Sha, awesome!! Morgan, loving the boots :)

Here's my first cake for 2015! Yo Gabba Gabba cake for my niece's 2nd bday. So cute:)


Naivohw Posted 11 Jan 2015 , 11:32pm
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Here is the record player cake I mentioned last week. There are a few flaws but overall I am very pleased with it.



And another little cake I made for my pastry case. It's simple but I wanted something sweet and summery to counteract all the cold, grey weather we are having.


Pastrybaglady Posted 11 Jan 2015 , 11:42pm
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AI want a big hunk of that strawberry cake! That looks sooo good!

Naivohw Posted 11 Jan 2015 , 11:46pm
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It was really hard for me to not just buy it and eat it! But then I would not be following the healthier eating plan I have AND I would have had to turn around and make another cake for my case! So I resisted :p

MBalaska Posted 12 Jan 2015 , 12:23am
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Love everyone's cakes :D  You guys are making such fun designs.

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